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The Wild Hunt - ROBIN/Thomas Bellinck


The Wild Hunt Robin C Robin
​A cloud of voices gathers in an imaginary museum.

Their bodies are held up elsewhere, but here absent storytellers recount histories of hunting. Some of these voices are heard. Many are not. During an actorless audio performance, you will hear snippets of Arabic, English, Farsi, French and Greek collected from around the Mediterranean. Sampling from hours of recordings, ROBIN pieces together a many-voiced portrait of the contemporary manhunt. The Wild Hunt is the third part of Simple as ABC, a series on the Western migration management machine. It follows a theatrical audio essay about cutting-edge detection technology and a documentary musical about the digitization of the EU border.

The manhunt continues. This audio performance by Robin & Thomas Bellinck takes you to the Mediterranean Sea.





In multiple languages.

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Said Reza Hosseini Adib, Samaneh Arian, Thomas Bellinck, Arthur de Vuyst, Karima Ganji, Hayfa Ghozzi, Parisa Heidari, Pafsanias Karathanasis, Yalena Kleidara, Camille Lemonnier, Fatemeh Mousavi, Mohammad Javad Mousavi, Sandra Oklobdzija, Ervin Sehou, Esther Severi, Georgia Spyropoulou, Marie Vandecasteele, Celine van der Poel, Jeroen Van der Ven, Laurien Versmissen, Yiouli Vitou


Saturday 11 January 2020
NTGent Minnemeers


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