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The Trilogy of Antique Myths

| 25 April 2023
​NTGent & IIPM organise Milo Rau's 'The Trilogy of Antique Myths' exhibition at the Drongenhofkapel as part of the performance 'Antigone in the Amazon'.

NTGent & IIPM are organizing the exhibition The Trilogy of Antique Myths by Milo Rau in the Drongenhofkapel from 13 May to 23 May 2023, showcasing the Trilogy of Antique Myths, a triptych in which Milo Rau spent the past few years wondering about the relevance for the 21st century of the most important myths of Western genesis, while also exploring how art can create sustainable networks, as seen in examples such as the Houses of Dignity and the Tomatoes of Dignity, the Filmschool in Mosul, and the collaboration with MST and the Canadian against the deforestation of the Amazon in Antigone in the Amazon.

The focus is on the videos, posters, and paintings that accompany the trilogy. Visitors can also take a look behind the scenes and see how the trilogy was created. The sacred aspect of the trilogy is emphasised, focusing on the idea of sacrifice and the dead body featured in Orestes in MosulThe New Gospel, and Antigone in the Amazon.

Opening hours for the exhibition are as follows:

- Saturday, May 13: 4 pm to 7.30 pm
- Tuesday to Sunday: 2 pm to 7 pm  
- Monday: closed

Address: Drongenhof 15 ,9000 Gent

Admission to the exhibition is free.

(c) Nelson Almeida / AFP