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'AMNE(I)S(T)IA: Say Sorry'


Amneistia1 Kurt Van der Elst
AMNÈ(I)S(T)IA: Say Sorry is a project that gives recently graduated performers of the IT Teatre in Barcelona the opportunity to further professionalize and to learn how to master the different languages of present-day performing arts.

Director (Action Zoo Humain) and researcher (KASK/School of Arts/HoGent) Chokri Ben Chikha has been selected by the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona to direct a theatre production with a group of young alumni of the institute. Inspired by Amnesia/Amnesty, a performance that deals with the similarities between ISIS fighters and collaborators, AMNÈ(I)S(T)IA: Say Sorry analyses the parallels between jihadists and supporters of the Franco regime. Léon Degrelle, the leader of the Belgian fascist movement who was granted asylum in the Spain of Franco after the Second World War, acts as a link between the Belgian collaboration history and the dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

A group of young Catalan performers launches their own YouTube channel. In their videos, they address societal themes and look for strategies to cope with collective traumas from the present and the past. Is the ghost of Franco still haunting Spain? Are political imprisonments being silently tolerated? The channel becomes a plea for radical empathy and a tribute to the power of imagination.



Catalan spoken with surtitels in Dutch

  • Laura Teresa Batllori Rodrigo, Judit Lopez Torras, Jaume Fores Juliana, Eleazar Masdeu Garcia, Tamara Ndong Bielo, Martina Perez Vilarasau, Julia Santacana Vall, Elena Santiago Garcia, Joana Maria Sureda Matamalas, Martine Tressera, Pi, Omar Tubau Canut




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