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Art unites (interview Oscar Van Rompay)

| 27 februari 2020

Oscar Van Rompay (1983) is a Flemish actor, teacher and entrepreneur who owns an eucalyptus plantation in Kenya. He is currently rehearsing with Luk Perceval, but in early March we can finally see him in ‘Histoire(s) de Théâtre II’ by Congolese director Faustin Linyekula after what has been a turbulent rehearsal process. A conversation about whitesplaining, how politics hinder the arts and night clubs in Congo.

You can read the full interview on subbacultcha.be!

Mobutu wanted to create a history of the country in which he was the founding father, which turned the Ballet into a diplomatic tool: wherever Mobutu went, the Ballet travelled with him and performed ‘L’Epopée de Lyanja’.
Oscar Van Rompay - Actor