‘Medea's Children’, the new creation of director Milo Rau, is a theatre history in miniature, where children find their voices and reflect on separation, injustice and the power of tragedy.


Milo Rau / NTGent


✔ Dutch spoken
✔ Dutch & English surtitles
✔ Trigger warnings: murder


With ‘Medea's Children’, house artist Milo Rau takes a new, deep look at the role of children in theatre. A real criminal case is the starting point: the case of a mother who, in total despair after a separation, decides to kill her children and take her own life - but she survives. This modern tragedy is interweaved with the classical tragedy Medea, the most infamous case of relationship conflict and infanticide in Western literature.

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Milo Rau C Bea Borgers

Milo Rau (Bern, 1977) proves in projects like The Congo TribunalLa RepriseOrestes in MosulThe New Gospel or School of Resistance that theatre does not have to be detached from society but that it is a necessary contribution to politics, culture, and society – a place to tell true stories that shape our society.

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