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School of resistance

How can we shape the future of our planet, without falling back into the damaging capitalist narratives of the past? In this biweekly livestream School of Resistance we offer a platform to different experts from around the world: artists, activists, politicians and philosophers. IIPM and NTGent continue their work on the contradictions of the global economy: using the means of activism and art, the aim is to create a blueprint for a politics of resistance. The debate series consists of a bi-weekly livestream and will be concluded with an event in February 2021 at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.

School of Resistance 1: This Madness has to stop - 16 May '20

Speech by indigenous artist and activist Kay Sara, followed by a conversation between Cuban performance artist Tania Bruguera, Swiss director Milo Rau and Dutch curator Lara Staal on activism in the arts.

School of Resistance 2: Make the world habitable again - 28 May '20 

Climate activists Vandana Shiva and Vanessa Nakate zoom in on the effects of climate change on the global South.

School of Resistance 3: Distributing dignity - 11 June '20 

The Pakistani trade unionists Zehra Khan and Nasir Mansoor discuss the current living and working situation of textile workers in Pakistan.

School of Resistance 4: Why theatre? Theater in need - 3 September '20

A conversation with Nora Chipaumire (USA) and Chantal Mouffe (UK) on the state of the performing arts in 2O2O.

School of Resistance 5: Beyond Europe - 25 September '20

A dialogue with Ulrike Guérot (Germany) and Srećko Horvat (Croatia) on Europe and the possibilities beyond a nation-state. 

School of Resistance 6: Our human rights are on fire - 1 October '20

While the pandemic forces people all over the world to stay home, another large group of people is looking for a new home. The sixth episode of School of Resistance uses the current crisis in Greece as a starting point to discuss the European migration policy.

School of Resistance 7: Environmental repercussions - 4 October '20

The second edition of this School of Resistance during our opening weekend focuses on environmentalism: how can we, as a society, reconnect with nature? This is a discussion about the diversity of ecological thinking.

School of Resistance 8: The paranoia of the western mind - 17 October '20

Why is it so difficult to recognize a non-European universalism? A conversation with Achille Mbembe who talks about state, violence, death, slavery, capital, sexuality, urbanity and political economies of cruelty, which are portrayed and objectified through race, racism and colonialism.

School of Resistance 9: A global jurisdiction for a global economy - 22 October '20

A dialogue with Miriam Saage-Maaß (Germany) and Sylvestre Bisimwa (Congo) on global justice and the "Kolwezi Hearings," which examines the activities of the Swiss company Glencore in the D.R. Congo.

School of Resistance 10: Speaking the truth is not a crime - 19 November '20

In the tenth episode of School of Resistance, the Turkish author and ex-journalist Ece Temelkuran will discuss,  together with the former drone program technician and whistle-blower Cian Westmoreland and the international human rights lawyer Renata Ávila , the right of free speech and its responsibility in an age of disinformation

School of Resistance 11: Reproduction, family and the body - 10 December '20

Contemporary feminist perspectives: a dialogue with Sophie Lewis (USA) and Aleksandra Sidoruk (Poland). Starting from themes such as surrogacy, motherhood and ownership, they cast a glance at a feminist international future.

School of Resistance 12: Politics of interdependence - 14 January '21

A conversation with Lynne Segal, Edna Bonhomme and Anne Jung about politics of interdependence. What would a truly caring world look like?

School of Resistance in the Akademie der Künste: The General Assembly - 24 February '21

Today more than ever, The General Assembly raises questions: Is the production of utopian images a possible template for representing opposing political formations? Akademie member Georg Seeßlen, theatre author and Vice President of the Akademie der Künste Kathrin Röggla and Milo Rau will discuss the intertwining of activism and art.

School of Resistance in the Akademie der Künste: (Im)possible Art - 25 February '21

Discussion about art as a way of transforming reality.

School of Resistance in the Akademie der Künste: Aesthetics of Resistance - Part I, II en III - 26-27-28 February '21

Three podcasts about the possibilities and contradictions of political art. The conversations are also the starting point for a new production by Milo Rau and Édouard Louis.

School of Resistance in the Akademie der Künste: Transnational (In)justice - 26 February '21

Discussion about the possibilities, the problems and the state of transnational justice

School of Resistance in the Akademie der Künste: Can there be global art? - 27 February '21

Conversation on the challenges of global art.

School of Resistance in the Akademie der Künste: The Revolt of Dignity - 28 February '21

Conversation on the contradictions of capitalism and their attempts to resist.

School of Resistance 13 - during the Belmundo Festival - 25 March '21

What does it mean to be truly radical? What does it mean it speak out the name of the enemy? What does it mean to think outside a broken system? And how can something so broken be repaired again?

School of Resistance 14: Revolution Today - 20 May '21

A conversation with American philosopher Susan Buck-Morss, Egyptian artist Nora Amin, and the women of the Chilean collective 'colectivo LASTESIS' on the similarities and differences between uprisings around the world.

School of Resistance 15: Queer Utopia

An episode about the continuous attacks on the LGTBQI-community in countries like Poland.

School of Resistance 16: For a Politics of Justice!

For years now, the situation at the external EU borders has been deteriorating. All means are used to prevent refugees from arriving in Europe, through the failure to provide assistance, through illegal pushbacks, torture and violence. But when injustice becomes right, resistance becomes a duty!

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