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Testament Van Een Journalist Liggend Action Zoo Humain C Kurt Van Der Elst

Testament van een journalist

The renowned journalist Hugo Camps looks back one more time. As a symbol of an entire generation, he says goodbye and opens his will.
184 Gardenia Luk Monsaert

Gardenia 10 years later

After ten years, the cast of the wonderous 'Gardenia' will meet again. To shine, one more time. After having to cancel the production in December '21, we're extremely happy to present this production again in the 22-23 season.
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YELLOW - The sorrows of Belgium II: REX (online)

Were they naive? Were they misled? What possessed the Flemish people who collaborated with the Nazis during WWII?
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just asking: de film?

'An hour in the company of a virtuoso. Theatre as theatre.' (Pzazz) But then the theatres closed again. That is why Oscar Van Rompay and Peter Seynaeve decided to take the script of "Just Asking" out onto the streets one day. They came back with a one-hour film recording, shot in one take in Ghent.
Familie 5

Family, the movie

After the success of this touching and shocking family drama in the theatre, there is now also a version for the big screen.

just asking

Is this a theatrical adaptation of a book full of questions by Padgett Powell?
Staat Van Rechtv 4 C Pascal Poissonnier

The State of Justice - The case Samuel

Balancing on the thin line between theatre and debate, theatre and programme maker Lara Staal gives artists, academics, experts and people with first-hand experience the floor to talk about fundamental values in our society.
The New Gospel L Fruitmarket Langfilm Iipm Armin Smailovic 03

The New Gospel

What would Jesus preach in the 21st century?
Narrenship Kriss Selfie Edit

Ship of fools

The Berlin performance group Monster Truck and the inclusive dance ensemble Platform-K tell the story of a society that turns itself into an idot.