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The Interrogation

The first collaboration between bestselling author Édouard Louis and director Milo Rau results in a very personal text about doubting and failing.
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School of Resistance: right to regularisation

After Munich, Berlin and Cologne, 'School of Resistance' is landing in Ghent raising the voice of undocumented refugees in Belgium and Europe.
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Suppose that everything — the entire universe — exists only in the mind of the observer. That's lonely! But no one can prove it's wrong.
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Red - A Journey into Europe's Heart of Darkness: Holy war

The third and final chapter of 'The Black - Yellow - Red Trilogy: A Journey into Europe's Heart of Darkness', the theater trilogy in which Luk Perceval zooms in on the darkest pages of Belgian history.
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Us, (k)now

'Us,(k)now' is a powerful and hopeful performance about black consciousness and the empowerment of today's generation of teens.
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Grief & Beauty

How do we face death in life and at its end? How can we grief and farewell? Can death be represented on stage? With ‘Grief & Beauty’, artistic director Milo Rau presents the second part of his new Trilogy of Private Life.
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Liebestod The smell of blood does not leave my eyes Juan Belmonte - HDT III

World-famous Spanish artist Angélica Liddell created 'Liebestod' at the invitation of NTGent. Never before has Liddell, who has been making visually stunning and radical theatre for 30 years, been seen in a Belgian production. "A two hour trip of in-your-face theatre with a phenomenal performer."
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Five young people with a reputation at school for being ‘troublemakers’ educate the audience. Dissident premiered last season and is restaged in the 22-23 season because of its big success.
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KillJoy Quiz

In 'Killjoy Quiz', the pleasant predictability of a television quiz gradually gives way to a much tougher thought exercise.
Yellow Rex Leon Degrelle Crop

Yellow - A Journey into Europe's Heart of Darkness: Rex

Acclaimed director Luk Perceval tackles the Flemish collaboration during World War II.
With closed eyes, you can see whomever you’d like Until it holds from the inside Only humans can fantasise There's all that future, still Beyond madness, tenderness awaits