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Melvin Slabbinck (1998, Torhout, BE) is a musician and student of pop-rock (drums) at the PXL Music Hogeschool in Hasselt, where he is educated by renowned drummers such as Arnout Hellofs, Mirko Banovic, Patrick Steenaerts, Jo Mahieu,...

Slabbinck is a musician in various rock and punk bands, including the indie folk band TJE. In 2022, he reached the semi-finals of the famous Humo's Rock Rally competition. For the single coolkidsbar he recently worked with producer Pieter-Jan Decreaen. Slabbinck also teaches drumming in Leuven.

Since July 2022 Slabbinck can be seen in ONE SONG - Histoire(s) du Théâtre IV, a performance by Miet Warlop & NTGent which will premiere at Festival d'Avignon.

-- update July 2022

Melvin Slabbinck

With closed eyes, you can see whomever you’d like Only humans can fantasise Beyond madness, tenderness awaits There's all that future, still Until it holds from the inside