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Melvin Slabbinck (1998, Torhout, BE) is a musician and student of pop-rock (drums) at the PXL Music Hogeschool in Hasselt, where he is educated by renowned drummers such as Arnout Hellofs, Mirko Banovic, Patrick Steenaerts, Jo Mahieu,...

Slabbinck is a musician in various rock and punk bands, including the indie folk band TJE. In 2022, he reached the semi-finals of the famous Humo's Rock Rally competition. For the single coolkidsbar he recently worked with producer Pieter-Jan Decreaen. Slabbinck also teaches drumming in Leuven.

Since July 2022 Slabbinck can be seen in ONE SONG - Histoire(s) du Théâtre IV, a performance by Miet Warlop & NTGent which will premiere at Festival d'Avignon.

-- update July 2022

Melvin Slabbinck