​“Great Apes of the West Coast is the story I have always avoided to tell. But lately, I am realizing that this story is unavoidable”, says Princess Isatu Hassan Bangura.


Princess Isatu Hassan Bangura / NTGent


✔ English spoken
✔ Dutch surtitles
✔ Trigger warnings: none


‘Great Apes of the West Coast’ will be a visual, musical and lyrical solo performance that tells a story of new beginnings, re-discoveries, and past memories. Using theatre as a tool to resurrect and celebrate the light of the West-African culture, Bangura wants to reclaim the narrative of the Great Apes and overturn any negative connotation with the animal Queendom.

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✒ "With this solo, Bangura shows why she is considered a great talent in theatre" - NRC Handelsblad ****

For her performance in this play, Princess Bangura was nominated for a theatre award from the Belgian gild of actors.


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Princess Isatu Hassan Bangura (1996) graduated from the Drama Academy in Maastricht as a performer and has drawn on the forms and techniques of various art forms including performance, music and film ever since.She has played at the Nationaal Theater and NTGent and has created several solo performances. These have often been described as 'rich in images and colours' and are sometimes perceived as radical. Her performances are often motivated by memories of her past and a mixture of both her West African roots and her current knowledge and experiences of the Western world. Her work reflects her religious and spiritual background. She tends to take the role of storyteller on stage, while the audience usually takes the role of witness. Her physical presence on stage aims to touch the primal essence of being human.

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