In search of radical insanity, the theatre makers of Werktoneel hurtle through the oeuvre of the Dutch author Willem Frederik Hermans.


Jesse Vandamme / NTGent & Werktoneel


✔ Dutch spoken
✔ Length: 105 min
✔ Trigger warnings: none


In Gruis / Aan de twijfel Sita dreams of writing a children’s book, starring Little Bear Bombazine. But in truth only a few short verses have made the page. Troubles in the lives of her daughter Pearl and her husband Clemens keep her away from the typewriter. She drowns herself in a sea of voices of her motley neighbours, her own thoughts and the radio that incessantly continues to play in the background.

After Solipsists  (2022), the KASK alumni of Werktoneel – Jesse Vandamme, Louise Bergez, Lucas Van der Vegt, Joeri Happel, and Lucie Plasschaert – are continuing their investigation of human isolation. Whereas Solipsists focused on the individual consciousness and the extent of its subjectivity took precedence, the young, hyper-talented theatre collective now welcomes us to the nihilistic universe of author Willem Frederik Hermans, populated with characters who together try to make sense of everyday banality, of reality that has become a barely comprehensible chaos.

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Cropped Gruis
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✒ "Jesse Vandamme and Werktoneel brilliantly grab WF Hermans by the noose" - De Morgen (BE) *****

✒ "Willem Frederik Hermans becomes sublime playwright" - De Standaard (BE) ****

✒ "Sublime play in a set of grey blankets" - Knack (BE) ***

✒ "The poorness of existence is the richness of this play" - Etcetera (BE)


Img 4238 Druk C Michiel Devijver

Jesse Vandamme (1996) is a director, writer, producer and sound artist. He studied Performance at the Theatre Academy Maastricht and Drama at KASK in Ghent. During his studies, he collaborated as a writer, co-director and musician on Überdramatik at theatre Frascati and acted as an ‘inside eye’ (coaching for text and acting) on Hannah de Meyer's performance New Skin.

Read Jesse Vandamme's bio here

Img 4591 Druk C Michiel Devijver

Louise Bergez studied drama at the Kask Gent. She played in several theatre productions, including with Hannah De Meyer (Uberdramatik), Jesse Vandamme (UberdramatikGiantsSolipsists), Michiel Vandevelde/fABULEUS, Camping Sunset (Zomergasten, Ten Oorlog), Lisaboa Houbrechts/Toneelhuis, Het uur van de waarheid/Luk Perceval and NTGent. For her portrayal in Bruegel of Lisaboa Houbrechts, she was nominated for the Actors Guild Theatre Awards (2020) in the category 'most valued performance woman'.

Read Louise Bergez' bio here.

Img 4336 Druk C Michiel Devijver

Lucas van der Vegt (1992) is a Dutch theatre maker, actor and musician. He graduated from KASK Drama in Ghent in 2021. Before that, he graduated as a classical pianist at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Read Lucas van der Vegt's bio here.

Luciec Michiel Devijver

Lucie Plasschaert (1998) studied Drama at the School of Arts / KASK Ghent, from where she graduated in 2021. She has performed with Studio Orka in productions including Lava and Warmoes and with Compagnie Cecilia in Een lola. She is a member of Camping Sunset and performed in the productions Zomergasten and Ten Oorlog. In 2022 she was part of the cast of Madrigals, a creation by Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe as well as of the family performance Nachtdieren from Atelier-GLIP and in a piece of Olympique Dramatique.

Read Lucie Plasschaert's bio here.

Img 4460 Druk C Michiel Devijver

Joeri Happel (1991) is a Dutch theatre maker and actor. He graduated as an actor from KASK in 2021 and is a member of the collectives Camping Sunset and Zuidpark. Joeri previously performed at Compagnie de Koe and at Toneelhuis. In 2022, he will perform in the play De Koning eet  at Het Zuidelijk Toneel. Joeri is one of the actors of the Werktoneel (Scènes, Giants  and Solipsists).

Read Joeri Happel's bio here.


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Beyond madness, tenderness awaits There's all that future, still Only humans can fantasise Until it holds from the inside With closed eyes, you can see whomever you’d like