"If there is such a thing as an intellectual orgasm, you get it here," De Standaard wrote about NTGent house artist Luanda Casella's work in 2022. Find out why.


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In search of the new Elektra: a primal tragedy in the form of a comedy.

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With the help of Depeche Mode and aerobics, Casella is looking for a way out of climate depression.

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A quest for the world's smartest killjoy.

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In the form of a TED Talk, Casella draws attention to the art of oratory.


Luanda Casella (born 1976) is a theatre-maker, performer, writer and teacher who seeks to rescue the art of storytelling from its mediatised, doomed fate. Her work has been shown in venues and festivals around the world such as Spielart (Munich), Edinburgh International Festival or Kaserne (Basel). In 2018, she won the Sabam Jong Theaterschrijf prize at Theater Aan Zee. Since 2020, Casella is house artist at Belgian city theatre NTGent. With Killjoy Quiz, she was selected for the Belgian Theatre Festival in 2022.

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✒ Together with artists and intellectuals from all over the world, Luanda Casella wrote an answer to the question 'Why Theatre?' during the Covid 19-pandemic.

✒ Luanda Casella on language, violence and resistance in the Belgian arts magazine Etcetera.


📆 2024

In January 2024, NTGent premieres Elektra Unbound, a show with which Casella is taking the main hall of the Belgian city theatre by storm for the first time. Hunting the part of Elektra, three young auditioners copy women from literary classics, pop culture and social media. Only to reveal their own problematic sense of self.As they interpret iconic scenes from The Oresteia, the full trilogy about Elektra and her dysfunctional family, they start to reveal their disastrous own lives. Late-bloomer director Lua and her fierce assistant Lucius, who have a troublesome relationship, never arrive at the point of actually staging Elektra.

📆 2022

In Ferox Tempus - Terror at is best, a solo performance, Casella takes us to a world where the terror of climate collapse has erupted in full force. Cities have sunk, billions of people have perished, and the survivors of neoliberal culture cling to the ruins of civilisation.

Read more about the book accompanying the performance.

📆 2022 

With her expo Ferox Tempus, the unreliable exhibition, Casella occupies the Antwerp arts centre DE SINGEL. The exhibition shows how language acts on our fears and desires. For three weeks, the arts centre bathes in Casella's exceptional universe of humor and terror.

📆 2021

In Killjoy Quiz, Casella explores the linguistic nature of violence and resistance. The performance takes the form of an 'innocent' television quiz to pound hard on prejudice, deceptive language, and sexism and paternalism. Casella uses Sara Ahmed's figure of the killjoy: someone ready to quash any form of violence, even when it is uncomfortable.

Read more about the book accompanying the performance.

📆 2018

With Short of Lying, for which she won the Sabam Jong Theaterschrijf prize at the well-know Belgian festival Theater Aan Zee, Casella is on stage at NTGent. Short of Lying  is a narrative performance about deception. More specifically about the power of stories to frame and manipulate reality. It shows how narrative thinking has been hijacked by communication media. In the form of a TED Talk, Casella draws attention to the art of reasoning and exposes the various mechanics of deception.

There's all that future, still Only humans can fantasise With closed eyes, you can see whomever you’d like Beyond madness, tenderness awaits Until it holds from the inside