‘SERDI’ is the inspiring story of someone who, despite a life without possessions, transforms his voice into a home and liberates themselves by learning beatboxing in the perfect acoustics of their isolation cell.


Serdi Faki Alici & Lara Staal / NTGent


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‘SERDI’ tells the story of Serdi. All about how someone who has nothing makes his voice his home. As an orphan, moving from institution to institution and from school to juvenile detention, Serdi made himself a promise. He taught himself beatboxing. He trained until he could do it. The acoustics of solitary confinement proved perfect for refining his technique.

‘SERDI’ shows how a person's voice can become a weapon. How a rootless life, threatening to slip away, suddenly regained its footing by disciplining the voice. How the power of sound and composition finally made it possible to communicate with others.

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✒ “SERDI  ontroert met een waarachtige monoloog over zijn levensverhaal”  - De Morgen *** 
✒ “SERDI  toont helder hoe een falend zorgsysteem iemand tot een ‘groot zwart gat’ maakt, maar ook hoe je er door talent en doorzetting kunt uitgeraken” - De Morgen ***
✒ “Zelden zo'n authentieke voorstelling gezien (...) Serdi vertelt zijn levensverhaal krachtig, overtuigend, met veel humor en een enorme podiumprésence” - Het Nieuwsblad
✒  “SERDI  fileert de jeugdzorg van binnenuit” - De Standaard
✒  “SERDI  is een voorstelling met een gigantische menselijkheid, waarin zij die niet van de problematieken in de jeugdzorg weten wakker geschud worden en zij die ze al te goed kennen een hart onder de riem gestopt krijgen” - e-tcetera


Imgl9587 Druk C Michiel Devijver

Serdi Faki Alici (1988, Ghent) is best known as the musician and beatboxer Serdi. He started his theatre career as a youngster at Union Suspecte and played in Legal Illegal and Carnival Of Guilt. He also appeared in Bezette Stad, a contemporary adaptation of Paul van Ostaijen's book (KVS), and was involved as a maker in the graduation project Woyzeck Serdi Faki, in which he played the lead role.

In the 2021-2022 season, Serdi was involved in the NTGent performance Dissident, as coach of the young actors and co-creator. In spring 2023, Serdi played a prominent role in the series Zonder Afspraak on Belgian national tv. In summer 2023, the NTGent production SERDI  will premiere at the well-known festival Theater Aan Zee, a solo performance in which Serdi looks back on his own life.

Read Serdi Faki Alici's bio here.

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Lara Staal (1984, Zwolle) is a researcher, writer and curator. She studied theatre pedagogy at ArtEZ in Arnhem and theatre science and dramaturgy at the University of Amsterdam. Between 2013 and 2016, she worked as a programmer at Frascati where she developed various sociopolitical programmes in which alliances were created between art and other fields on the basis of shared urgencies. Examples of this are International Law, whose Law? (2013), Out of State (2015) and Other Stories, finding more than me (2017).

Read Lara Staal's bio here.


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