Dis Seppe 1 Min

Seppe Jacobs is a part of the cast of 'Dissident' (season 2021-2022), Lara Staal's new production in which young people known at school as troublemakers take the stage and educate audiences.

Seppe is 18 years old. At the beginning of 2021, he was still attending school part-time, but as soon as he turned 18, he decided to quit. The obligation to go to school made him feel demotivated. 'I have to get out of here', was the only thing he thought about when sitting behind the school desks.

Through his school, he came into contact with Zwerfgoed, which is a place where young people who are tired of school can find a new way in life. Although he is no longer in school, he still works there as a volunteer. He feels at home at Zwerfgoed because the people there are willing to listen to young people who look at the world in a critical way.

Seppe believes that everyone has his own talents. His talent is enjoying life. Later, he hopes to start a farm together with a friend of his. It would be a place where everyone feels welcome and respected, and can interact with each other. Somewhere abroad, where it is warm.

Seppe Jacobs