Feuilleton Frankfurt (DE): „Eines langen Tages Reise in die Nacht“ von Eugene O’Neill (recensie "Eines langen Tages Reise in die Nacht" van Luk Perceval)

Luk Perceval | 25 November 2019
"The expectations in Cologne were high when Luk Perceval now staged Eugen O' Neill's "Eines langen Tages Reise in die Nacht"...Perceval focuses entirely on the play, on the actors. And yet the clever construction, the great stage design, the good actors don't wear for a three-hour evening. This is primarily due to the piece itself, to Eugene O'Neill's "A Long Day's Journey through the Night". Because that could better be brought to the stage of a boulevard theatre. Luk Perceval sees a depth in this decidedly American drama that has remained hidden from me. Too predictable is the credo of the family that is fate. The agony is too static. The evening is too torturous."