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| 14 December 2023
The fundraiser at the NTGent Schouwburg in favor of Gaza in early December raised a total of no less than 25,500 euros.

Titled 'Beyond the Madness Beyond', musicians, actors and spoken word artists gathered on the stage of the NTGent Schouwburg  on 2 December. In the face of the horror in Gaza, they tried to deliver a message of connection and empathy. As only art can.

The proceeds of the fundraiser are donated in full to Oxfam Belgium's Gaza Emergency Fund. More than 90 per cent goes to the partner organisations Oxfam Gaza/Palestine works with to deliver direct emergency aid. In this case: cash transfers, food aid and care packages. The remaining eight per cent goes to advocacy work and serves to cover fundraising and administration costs.

NTGent thanks the audience in the hall, and all the big and small hands that contributed to this warm and valuable evening.