Amfoor Horizontaal 7


| 5 June 2023
Just a very short wait and that's it: from June 13th you can discover the NTGent programme for season 23-24 on this website. And book tickets, of course!

Perhaps you already noticed the posters of the new NTGent season appearing on banners along the Ghent Ring, or on one of the billboards in the city. Just a very short wait and we will launch our new season:

📢 On MONDAY 12 JUNE AT 8pm there will be the live season presentation at the Theatre. Register here
📢 From TUESDAY 13 JUNE AT 10AM the entire programme will be online and you can start booking.

What to expect next season? A brand new free city festival, new creations by our house artists and artists in residence, as well as by an absolute stunner from the UK, dozens of guest performances by makers from home and abroad, a wide range of advantageous season tickets, and so much more.

See you soon!