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| 2 April 2024
Wonderful that you are coming to see one of the performances of ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL. The main practical tips are listed below.

🏺 The exact location of the event, can be found in the calendar. Click on the red placeholder.

🏺 Please arrive on time, seating is limited.

🏺 All events will take place outdoors. Take your precautions in rainy weather, not every venue has shelter.

🏺 Toilets are available near all venues.

🏺 The organisation provides coffee. Free drinking water can be found at plenty of locations around the city.

🏺 Most performances are in Dutch, but not all. Check the spoken language in the calendar at

🏺 For information on accessibility, contact

🏺 Would you like to come with a group or school, contact

🏺 Questions on site? Speak to a staff member, identifiable by their fluorescent vest.

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