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Family, the movie NTGent & Look@Leo

Familie 5 Michiel Devijver
After the success of this touching and shocking family drama in the theatre, there is now also a version for the big screen.

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Dutch spoken, English subtitles

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In 2007, the members of the four-headed Demeester family took their own lives in the French town of Calais. For no apparent reason. On their farewell letter they wrote: "We fucked up, sorry."

After Five Easy Pieces, a theatre production about the Belgian pedophile and murderer Marc Dutroux, and La Reprise, about the first homophobic murder in Belgium, director Milo Rau again interweaves fact and fiction with Family, first shown as a theatre production in 2020.

In the midst of the Covid 19-crisis, Milo Rau filmed a cinema version of the show. The Demeester family is once again played by the successful actor couple An Miller and Filip Peeters, and their two teenage daughters Leonce and Louisa.

"'Familie' by NTGent: a drama made to prevent real dramas"
Els Van Steenberghe - Focus Knack

Beyond madness, tenderness awaits With closed eyes, you can see whomever you’d like There's all that future, still Until it holds from the inside Only humans can fantasise