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School of Resistance: right to regularisation NTGent / IIPM & partners

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After Munich, Berlin and Cologne, 'School of Resistance' is landing in Ghent raising the voice of undocumented refugees in Belgium and Europe.

What started as an online debate series has now grown into a multidisciplinary multi-day event in which artists, activists, philosophers and engaged citizens search and envision a more sustainable vision of our common planetary future. After Munich, Berlin and Cologne, School of Resistance  lands in Ghent this spring.

On March 4 and 5, a new edition of School of Resistance  will address the issue of regularization of migrants in Europe and their struggle for citizenship and recognition. Together with #GentZonderGrenzen, In My Name and L'union des sans papiers pour la Regularisation, the undocumented refugees in Ghent voice their political will. Via panel discussions, film screenings, concerts and workshops, we will imagine new futures of global citizenships. How can we make Ghent a city of solidarity? Who are the citizens of Ghent today? Who are the citizens of tomorrow?

🌏 This event is part of BELMUNDO, the Ghent festival of international solidarity.

A catalogue was published to mark the event.



⏱ 7PM: PRESENTATION 'DECLARATION OF GHENT': a statement in which we ask for more attention for the 100.000 undocumented migrants staying in Belgium.

⏱ 7:30PM: RIGHT TO REGULARISATION: What exactly could a more humane regularisation policy look like? What routes do we still have to take? How and with whom do we join forces? We asks these questions to:

* Tarik Chaoui (spokesperson L'union des sans papiers pour la Regularisation)
* Lode Van Hecke (bishop of Ghent)
* Kati Verstrepen (Human rights lawyer en president Liga voor Mensenrechten)
* Ilse Derluyn (professor Social Work, UGent University)
* Sien Volders (author of Oogst)

🎤 French & Dutch 🎞 livestream in English (via

⏱ 8:15PM: STAND-UP COMEDY: 'Peace Guru Love Prince'

In a touching and humorous stand-up show, Shanthuru Premkumar reflects on Europe, telling of the obstacles of an undocumented life and the beauty of hopes and dreams.

⏱ 8:45PMCONCERTS by Sven & Tea Salon




2-6PM: WORKSHOPS (more info here) with Gent Zonder Grenzen and In My Name

⏱ 6-7:30PMDINER

Hind Tlemcani Aissaoui's wonderful hands will conjure up a delicious meal. The table will be long and the chairs numerous.

⏱ 7:30-9PMPANEL DISCUSSION: What role does Ghent play as a city of solidarity in building a post-migration society? 


* professor Jacqueline Bhabha (migration-expert Harvard)
* Parwana Amiri (activist and poet)
* Bilal Abbas (founder of Masala vzw)
* Ellen Desmet (UGent, professor migration and asylum policy)
* Astrid De Bruycker (responsible for Equal Rights at Ghent city council)

🎤 English spoken 🎞 with livestream (via

⏱ 9-11PMSCREENING of the short film The Case Samuel, followed by an aftertalk on art and resistance with director Lara Staal and activist and poet Parwana Amiri

🎞 with livestream (via

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