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"Clever, ultra tight and full of double meanings": nothing but praise for 'Elektra Unbound'

| 16 February 2024
House artist Luanda Casella's latest NTGent performance 'Elektra Unbound' is garnering nothing but praise in the Flemish press.

In a report on a striking trend in Flemish theatre, leading newspaper De Standaard pays ample attention to Elektra Unbound, the latest NTGent performance, which can still be seen at KVS in Brussels at the end of March.

According to De Standaard, which awards four stars, the performance is "full of clever humour and double meanings":

"With her ultra tight script, Casella not only fillets the hidden power hunger of artists and their addiction to human suffering, she also weaves a larger social critique about how in these narcissistic TikTok times we all exploit our wannabe traumas for attention and how that victimisation fucks up any political thinking."

As in other shows currently playing, in Elektra Unbound  the actors rebel on stage against the director of the performance:

"In her dominatrix suit, Casella plays an ice-cold bitch who makes fun of all the clichés surrounding The Great Toxic Director (...) The harder Lua probes into her actors' trauma and plays them off against each other, the more they hint at revenge. But that is exactly the point: Lua has always wanted to die on stage. Her death becomes the celebration of the ultimate tragic artist's vision that for Great Art you have to give everything, - at whatever cost."

Earlier, De Morgen equally awarded four stars to Elektra Unbound, performing arts magazine Etcetera called the show "irreverent, terribly intelligent and horribly funny".

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