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This was the first week of ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL

| 8 May 2024
A team of neighbourhood reporters follows ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL closely. Every week, NTGent publishes their highly personal report.

Maaike Dierickx (22) is a third-year student of Social Work and Ghentian. For eight years, she followed theatre classes in a local academy. At NTGent's request, she followed the first week of ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL with performances in the city centre.

Wednesday, May 1

There we are, at 9am, full of anticipation for the vibrant opening of the ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL. The beautiful weather and the drumming announcing the parade immediately set a lively mood. Thus begins the Parade of Fire and Abundance. There is dancing and singing along the way as we watch in admiration. Not only were the performances presented during the parade a visual spectacle, but also the parade itself. The dressed-up participants created a sense of togetherness. We were not just spectators, but really part of this colourful parade.

Friday, May 3

Despite the rainy Friday, some soldiers welcome us to Lament for the Eurovision Song Contest. They shout at you to join the queue and demand you to identify yourself before you can gain access to the tent which is also decorated in an army style. You are drawn into the story and feel like a hostage who is out of control. Once you are inside, you are shown an entry for Palestine's Eurovision song. Will they be allowed to participate? It's up to you to vote. This interactive performance lets you leave your own mark in the tent with a blue or red fingerprint.

Saturday, May 4

PLOOM PLOOM PLOOM PLOOM! BOOM! This is what bystanders in Ghent heard repeatedly this Saturday morning. Led by Kris Verdonck, we set off for the execution of the last combustion engine. We were all offered black robes to be one in this parade against industrialisation.

Sunday, May 5

On Sunday, we joined speakers Idries Bensbaho, Tina De Gendt and Jan Dumolyn on the theme of heritage. Led by moderator Lindah Leah Nyirenda, we talked about history and how it is brought to us. Is there information missing from our collective memory? What does heritage mean to us? Can we ourselves influence what heritage is displayed in museums? They set the audience thinking and reflecting with us on these themes.

Following the reflection moment, a mirror walk was organised in which we could see 3 performances by secondary schools. They performed beautiful plays with pain, comedy as well as music. The locations were carefully chosen. A large staircase as the playing surface and the audience sitting on the lawn opposite. Or a garden full of bushes where the actors walked through during the performance. This way, you follow the characters not only figuratively but also literally in their story. As the final performance of the first week, we got to see a boxing match between several iconic figures of Greek mythology.

Until it holds from the inside There's all that future, still Beyond madness, tenderness awaits Only humans can fantasise With closed eyes, you can see whomever you’d like