How do you complete your order? | NTGent

How do you complete your order?

| 28 February 2023
Starting on the 1st of June, NTGent will introduce a new ticketing system called Tixly. We would like to inform you how to order tickets online via this new ticketing platform. Below you will find more information on how to complete your order.

Ticket delivery method

After checkout, you will receive the tickets in the way you requested. You can choose to receive the tickets digitally as an e-ticket in the form of a pdf file, or to have them sent by post.

After choosing the shipping method, click 'continue' again.

Payment process

After you have clicked 'continue', you will enter the payment module to complete your order. Here you will once again see an overview of your order and details.

You can change the shipping method you have chosen by clicking the 'change shipping method' button on the right.

Below it, you will find your personal data. You can change or supplement these details if necessary.

Next, you can indicate your preference for receiving newsletters and other messages by ticking the appropriate boxes.

Then you will see the section for gift cards. Here you can enter the number and amount of your gift card and click 'redeem' to use the gift card as payment for (part of) your order. Do you have an old gift card? Contact Tickets Ghent to transfer it at or 09 225 01 01.

Finally, the payment method will be displayed. Before you can click 'continue', you must agree to the general terms and conditions. After you have agreed, you will be redirected to the payment environment where you can complete payment for your order.

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