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Milo Rau C Bea Borgers

Milo Rau, artistic director at NTGent becomes intendant at the Wiener Festwochen

| 27 January 2023
We congratulate Milo Rau on his appointment as intendant of one of the most prestigious festivals for performing arts. NTGent sees this as quite an honour and is grateful for the fascinating years together. Milo Rau brought a new urban dynamic and put NTGent more than ever on the international map.

The fact that Wiener Festwochen chose our artistic director only confirms that the path we took together with Milo was the right one. As a city theatre, we are therefore continuing this way.

Rau resigns as artistic director in the summer of this year but will remain involved as a house artist in the coming seasons. Until then, he continues to write next season's promising programming, which includes some of his own creations. Besides his role as house artist at NTGent, he will also continue to co-produce from Vienna our successful series Histoire(s) du Théâtre (with previously Flemish and international creators such as Miet Warlop, Angelica Liddell and Faustin Linyekula). NTGent thus continues to grow internationally.

NTGent emerged as a dynamic and open organisation and maintains that vision. The City Theatre of the Future brings together art and activism, renowned artists and young people, professionals, and citizens. It represents the radical combination of international reach and local clout: a diverse urban society meets theatre-makers from all over the world. That dynamic is part of our DNA.

Milo Rau: 'It is a huge honour for me to lead the Wiener Festwochen, one of the world's most important festivals for performance, theatre and music. Just as we have made NTGent into a City Theatre of The Future, an open house between tradition and experimentation, the Vienna Festival must become the Festival of the Future. Of course, I remain true to the artists I got to know and the ideas I developed in my years as artistic director at NTGent.' Rau began that assignment in 2018 and has led the house with business director Daan Vander Steene since 2020. 'Bringing the world to Ghent and Ghent to the world' was Rau's motto when he started working at Ghent City Theatre.

'It is not surprising that the prestigious Wiener Festwochen appointed our artistic director Milo Rau as intendant,' believes Helena De Meerleer, chairman of NTGent's Board. 'With his international fame, his working power and enthusiasm, his artistic realisations, and his loyalty, he put NTGent on the map. We wish to thank him for that. We are pleased that he remains loyal to our beloved city theatre and that he wants to continue to dedicate himself to it. Congratulations Milo and good luck!'

On the advice of the Artistic Advisory Board, the Board of Directors will determine the procedure for appointing a new artistic director at NTGent. Consultations on this will start soon. The implementation of the approved policy plan 2023-2027 is of course the leitmotiv for NTGent in this, but we look forward to the input of a new artistic director.

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