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ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL Parade Credit Frederiek Van De Velde 2 1

What a party! What a sight! What a start!

| 2 May 2024
Nothing but sunshine, culture and connection. With the 'Parade of Fire and Abundance', NTGent, VIERNULVIER and dozens of partners kicked off ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL.

Under massive press coverage and with no fewer than 500 participants, many beautifully decked out, ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL got off to a flying start. For an hour, the Parade of Fire and Abundance swept through the city centre of Ghent, our polis. At library de Krook, artist Ruben Mardulier stole the fire of the gods right before dawn. Together, all participants shook off the earth-dark winter, the beginning of a Greek spring in Ghent.

Thanks to the efforts of many partners, ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL could not have dreamt of a better start. With special thanks to the singers of Mais Quelle Chanson, the choir of laGeste, the dancers of Creahm, the children of the Takkenorkest from Ledeberg, and so many others.

From 1 May to 23 June, ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL travels through the city of Ghent. For eight weeks and in eight districts, come and join us for adaptations of all 32 surviving Greek tragedies. All of them for free, outdoors and in the (early) morning. Art first, work second! In that order of importance.

There's all that future, still Until it holds from the inside With closed eyes, you can see whomever you’d like Only humans can fantasise Beyond madness, tenderness awaits