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NTGent seeks independent directors

| 1 February 2023
NTGent is looking for independent directors with a passion for culture who want to put their support behind the ambitious project of the Ghent city theatre. NTGent offers a forum of performing arts with local, Flemish and international relevance. NTGent exists by grace of its audience and wants to appeal to a large and diverse audience. Diversity in our governing bodies is therefore a matter of course.


NTGent is the city theatre of Ghent. We create high-profile performances and tour with them. We invite theatre companies to our halls in the city centre. As a city theatre, we want to question, motivate and move a diverse audience. We do this by using theatre for social debate. NTGent resolutely opts for dual leadership with an artistic and business leader at the same level. As a city theatre, we are constantly looking for ways to respond to the needs of the (Ghent) theatre field.

We are an open house, accessible to everyone. Whether it is age, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity, cultural background, language, disabilities or education: we believe it is important that our board, staff and audience represent our society.


As an independent director within the Board of Directors, together with the artistic and business management, you contribute to the general policy and strategy of NTGent. The Board is authorised to perform all acts, of whatever nature, that are necessary or useful to realise the purpose of the foundation.

This includes approving the budget and budget amendments, annual accounts and balance sheet results, the global artistic programme and so on, and being informed about personnel movements, HR policy, relations with the subsidising authorities, interim financial results and so on. An overview of the board's powers can be found in our statutes.

The Board of Directors consists of 18 directors: 6 directors appointed by the Flemish Community, 6 appointed by the City of Ghent and 6 independent directors co-opted on the proposal of the sitting co-opted directors, per mandate, by a decision of the Board of Directors.


As a rule, the Board of Directors meets once every two months on a Tuesday evening and whenever necessary. A term of office is for six years, renewable once for another six years, and unpaid. Meetings take place in our Theatre, in the centre of Ghent. Board meetings are conducted in Dutch.


- You have an interest in the cultural sector and are enthusiastic about NTGent's mission and mission. You want to contribute constructively to a dynamic organisation.

- You have impeccable behaviour

- You can invest sufficient time in the mandate of director: you attend meetings and take the time to prepare them.

- You are an expert in one of these fields:

Legal: e.g. tax law, administrative law, labour law, social security, construction/real estate/environmental law
* Financial: e.g. financial controller, accountant and bookkeeper, financial manager, reporting analyst etc.
* Cultural sector: e.g. knowledge of and experience with the field/network Flanders, international, such as managing cultural institutions, artistic profile, etc.
* Network in the city, Flanders and/or international of possible and already known stakeholders
* Communication and marketing: e.g. marketing and communication specialist digital marketing specialist, data marketing specialist, sales, etc.
* Enterprise and public sector: e.g. manager in an enterprise/public sector, HR manager, logistics/building manager, etc.


- You have not held an executive mandate, management position or position within the daily management at NTGent in the past two years

- You have not held more than two mandates as a director at NTGent in the past and the period in which you held these mandates did not exceed two years.

- You have no significant professional relationship with NTGent.

- You were not a partner or employee of the current or previous external auditor or statutory auditor of NTGent in the past three years.

- You do not have a spouse, legal or de facto cohabiting partner or relatives by blood or marriage up to the second degree exercising a directorship, management position or position within the daily management in NTGent.

Taking into account the profile, conditions, relevant experience and motivation, a first selection is made. These candidates are then invited for an interview. Based on these interviews, the current independent directors nominate the candidates to the Board of Directors for approval.

The selection takes into account the mutual complementarity between directors, the above-mentioned requested expertise and the overall gender ratio and diversity in all areas on the Board.

The procedure is expected to be completed by 31 March 2023.

Send your CV and a short cover letter to lotte.loncin@ntgent.be by 1 March 2023.

We encourage everyone to apply.

Want to know more about NTGent? Read our policy plan/our management agreement here. Do you have any questions? Contact us via lotte.loncin@ntgent.be

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