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the state of faith - Lara Staal


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In a series of evenings curator Lara Staal holds a number of traditional values against the light. After Truth, Faith takes turns.

Europe likes to emphasise its history as a humanist social democracy rooted in the Enlightenment. Within this, faith is all too often seen as something irrational, counter-scientific, outdated and sometimes even dangerous. Yet Europe's religious roots can still be felt every day. And within our present multicultural societies, faith is widespread and for many a daily practice.

In The State of Faith we want to go beyond the binary opposition between religion and reason and look at the current role of religion in society. Seven speakers will take the floor: Abid Tounssi, ex-rapper, now forensic practitioner and convinced Muslim, Luc Van Looy, the bishop of Ghent, Nawal Mustafa, an Islamic feminist and human rights activist, Marianne van Praag, the only Dutch female Rabbi, Shantie Singh, a Hindustani writer and Minister Abdul Hakeem, a spokesman for the British Nation of Islam.

After a short break the guest speakers will talk amongst themselves and with the audience about questions concerning contemporary forms of believing. What are the differences between a religious and an atheistic life? Why are science and faith still often thought to be in opposition to each other? What can we learn from God? To what extent are monotheistic religions patriarchal? What can we learn from polytheistic religions such as Hinduism? And if critical thinking and religion constantly coexist with and intertwine: why then do so many people experience religion as a threat?

The State of Faith is an ode to various forms of belief. Different religious movements share the stage with each other. The evening is a tribute to religion as an exercise in modesty and together with the guests and the audience will try to discover how believers and non-believers can live closer together.

  • Luc Van Looy, bisschop van Gent
  • Marianne van Praag, één van de eerste Nederlandse vrouwelijke rabbijnen
  • Nawal Mustafa, juriste en moslima
  • Shantie Singh, Hindoestaanse auteur
  • Minister Abdul Hakeem, vertegenwoordiger van de Islamic State
  • Abid Tounssi, ex-rapper, nu forensisch behandelaar en overtuigd moslim



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