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De state of Faith - Lara Staal


Lara Staal 05 Phile Deprez
In a series of evenings curator Lara Staal holds a number of traditional values against the light. After Truth, Faith takes turns.

Europe likes to emphasise its history as a humanist social democracy rooted in the enlightenment. Within this, faith is all too often seen as something irrational, counter-scientific, outdated and sometimes even dangerous. Yet Europe's religious roots can still be felt every day. And within our present multicultural societies, faith is widespread and for many a daily practice. In The State of Faith we want to go beyond the binary opposition between religion and reason and look at the current role of religion in society. Eight speakers take the floor: religious leaders, believers and theologians alternated with musical spiritual contributions. Different religious movements share the stage, Christians next to Jews, Muslims next to Buddhists. The State of Faith is thus an ode to the supernatural and the rituals that belong to believing. A tribute to religion as an exercise in modesty and a recognition of the importance of non-human forces. A program in which darkness and light will go hand in hand.


Tuesday 5 February 2019
NTGent Arca


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