just asking: de film? | NTGent
27.02.21 31-12-2021

just asking: de film? Peter Seynaeve & Oscar Van Rompay & NTGent

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'An hour in the company of a virtuoso. Theatre as theatre.' (Pzazz) But then the theatres closed again. That is why Oscar Van Rompay and Peter Seynaeve decided to take the script of "Just Asking" out onto the streets one day. They came back with a one-hour film recording, shot in one take in Ghent.

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Dutch spoken.

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Is it true the title of the performance is just asking?
Will it be a monologue?
Would you say Shakespeare was right when he said ‘all the world is a stage’?
Are you in control of your imagination?
Are you willing to let an actor guide you through your imagination?
Do you like baroque decors?
Are there any advantages to carpet? 
How does the sentence 'the performance seeks to create a landscape of possibilities' sound to you?
Are you on the spectrum?
Is the man on stage asking the questions on the spectrum?
Is it clear what I mean by that?
Are things, in general, clear to you?
Or just a little bit clear?
Do you take vitamins?
Do you like spells?
Is this an excerpt of the performance?
Or not?
Should I bother anyone but myself with these questions?
Shall I stop?
Do you want me to stop?

Until it holds from the inside Beyond madness, tenderness awaits With closed eyes, you can see whomever you’d like Only humans can fantasise There's all that future, still