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Chris Thys, born 1954 in Zonhoven, studied drama at the Conservatory of Ghent and followed internships in method acting in Italy, Spain and the United States. Immediately after her studies, she started working at the then Theater Arena in Ghent. Afterwards she moved to NTG in Ghent and KVS in Brussels. In 2011 she joined the NTGent ensemble.

Chris Thys also enjoys working with amateur companies as a director and has taught as a drama teacher for a long time. She has been performing in dozens of productions, including "Woyzeck", the "Rocky Horror Show", "Uncle Wanja", "Peter Pan", "Mario ga opendoen" ("Mario, open the door"), "Othello", "Quartet", "MacBeth" and "Andromache".

In recent years she has performed with NTGent in "Een Bruid in de morgen" ("A Bride in the morning"), "Tartuffe", "De ideale man" ("An ideal husband") and "Elektra". She has travelled around the world with "En Avant, marche!" ("Forward, march!") (a collaboration with les ballets C de la B) and was in "De Vreemden" ("The Strangers") and "Menuet".

The Flemish television viewer knows Chris Thys from "Stille Waters", "Witse", "Flikken" ("Cops"), "Thuis" ("Home"), "Goesting" ("Craving"), "De vijfhoek" ("The Pentagon") and "Wolven" ("Wolves"), among others.

During the 2018-2019 season she is working with director Milo Rau for the opening production of NTGent’s "Lam Gods" ("The Ghent Altarpiece") and with Luk Perceval for "Black".

- update May 2018

Chris Thys