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Lam Gods - Milo Rau


Lam Gods Voorpublicatie Web Marie von Krogh
In the reconstruction of the Ghent Altarpiece on stage, a panorama of our present world emerges and at the same time a manifesto for art and spirituality in a human life.

As a tourist attraction it draws people to Ghent from all over the world. Whenever French or German troops marched into Belgium they took it with them. And The Monuments Men had to track it down. It’s the Ghent Altarpiece by the brothers Hubert and Jan van Eyck, who lived in the 15th century.
Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, martyrs and angels. The motifs are Christian and spiritual. But the faces of the figures are realistic, they are the faces of Ghent. The Van Eyck brothers immortalised their patrons and clients, as well as their neighbours and colleagues. This meant that one of the first works of realistic modern art was simultaneously documentary and mythical, ordinary and universal. Milo Rau has been engaged in the ‘theatre of the real’ for a decade. Just like the Van Eyck brothers in their day, he combines the everyday with the spiritual. Just as the altarpiece consists of several overlapping layers, just as the real becomes mixed with the symbolic, the people of Ghent will talk about their life on stage. In a casting session lasting several months, which will be filmed, this project plunges into the here and now of a city’s community: who is Ghent’s Cain, who is its Abel? Who plays Adam and who Eve? Who are the martyrs of the 21st century? The crusaders and the righteous judges? The patrons? What do they tell us about the themes of this painting, about original sin and human suffering, about faith and tragedy, death and salvation? In the reconstruction of the Ghent Altarpiece onstage, a panorama of our present world emerges, between tradition and an uncertain future – and at the same time, a manifesto for the significance of art and spirituality in a human life.

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The performative form of a performance forces a director to make a selection, because time and space are limited.

In the context of The Ghent Altarpiece we created a website, based on the same democratic principle as the castings: we invite everyone to tell their story, to get inspired by the figures on the altarpiece, and, to contribute to a contemporary interpretation of the figures depicted on the Ghent Altarpiece. 

We will monitor the stories but not censor them. Anyone can react to everyone and all stories can be watched at any time. What is your connection with The Ghent Altarpiece? How do you fill in Mary, or God? Create your own story.


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In the reconstruction of the Ghent Altarpiece on stage, a panorama of our present world emerges and at the same time a manifesto for art and spirituality in a human life.





Dutch spoken with English surtitles
This performance contains scenes of nudity, a video with the killing of a sheep and a video with close images of a woman giving birth.

estimated duration

2h, no break


Eline Banken , Stefan Bläske

on stage

Chris Thys, Güllüzar Calli, Frank Focketyn, Koen Everaert, Fatima Ezzarhouni, Storm Calle, Nima Jebelli, Rames Abdullah, Andie Dushime, Fanny Vandesande, Bram Wets

this production was realized with the support of

The Belgian Tax Shelter


Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, Schauspiel Stuttgart

tour manager

Laura Ergo, Noemi Suarez Sanchez

concept, direction & text

Milo Rau

on screen

Said Ahmadi, Alys Ward, Emad Khazal, Amina Alhaj, Aghyad Abido, Ahmad Hamod, Mohamed Loay, Tom De Clercq, Benny D'Haeseleer, Nele Buyts, Bilal Alnouri, Wim Claeys, Mieke Vercruysse, Zouzou Ben Chikha, Rasha Alobeid, Wim Distelmans, Yaël Bobo, Anas Almasri, Steven Vander Stichelen, Ayham Abido, Marijse Tratsaert, Etab Yaghi, Aline Platteau, Nelly Massa, Abbas Akbari, Annabel Heyse, Carmen Hornbostel, Yaseen Ali Ibrahim, Barbara Gessler, Mohammed Juma Rahimi, Hiranya terryn, Arvo Wets, Eman Dawoud Radwan, Leen Baccaert, Katelijne Laevens, Besmillah Hussaini, Dirk Crommelinck, Abdalhameed Alobid, Abdel Majid Gandouzi, Denise Kimbo, Leen Van Welden, Lotte Loncin, Jan Vereeck, Chokri Ben Chikha, Filip Taveirne, Marijn Vlaeminck, Pablo Fernandez Alonso, Marc Croux

children choir

Luce & Juliette Marichal, Kaat De Waegemaeker, Dita & Nico Dufoor, Jakob, Kaat & Marie Bombaerts, Stella Minner-Goossens, Hanne Maes, Elena Van Vooren, Luz De Maesschalck, Mien Cottenier, No & Til Verhasselt, Flo Meskens, Ben Vuylsteke, Merel Boone, Leonore & Elodie Dobbelaere

set & costume design

Anton Lukas

casting and production leader

Annabel Heyse

direction assistant

Katelijne Laevens

assistent costumes

Miguel Penaranda

light design

Dennis Diels

stage manager

Marijn Vlaeminck

camera video-remake panels

Steven Maenhout

camera documentary images

Pascal Poissonnier


Joris Vertenten

direction documentary film

Bram Van Paesschen

video technique

Victor Goddyn, Stijn Pauwels, Raf Willems

light technique

Dennis Diels

sound technique

Bart Meeusen

stage technique

Marijn Vlaeminck, Gunther De Braekeleer


Micheline D'Hertoge

set and costume workshop

Joris Soenen, Pierre Keulemans, Thierry Dhondt, Sam Declercq, Luc Goedertier, Mieke Van der Cruyssen, An De Mol, Flup Beys

internship dramaturgy

Eline Banken

internship dramaturgy & surtitling

Bo Alfaro Decreton


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Saturday 14 March 2020
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Sunday 15 March 2020
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Wednesday 25 March 2020
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Thursday 26 March 2020
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Bedankt voor je bericht.
Er is iets mis gegaan.
  • Magda Van Gompel

    Het was een adembenemende avond, dat is het toneel waar we nood aan hebben, het zet ons met onze neus op de werkelijkheid. De toekomst die we kunnen afwijzen of onder ogen zien. Wereldburgers worden en samen gelukkig zijn en mekaar beminnen of mekaar doodmaken.

  • Tim

    Twee tickets beschikbaar voor zaterdag 20/10 via Ticketswap

  • Patrick Mestdagh

    Waanzinnig goed !! Voorstelling die lang blijft nazinderen.
    Proficiat aan het volledige team

  • Elly

    2 tickets voor 17 oktober beschikbaar via Ticketswap

  • Roger Van Den Bulcke

    Genoten van het Lam Gods: inventief, meeslepend, emoties, menselijkheid. Inderdaad, een nieuwe wind in ons vertrouwd theater. Ik dacht even aan Jan Hoet zaliger die ook wegen bewandelde sie een ander niet aandeed. Proficiat voor al de medewerkers en voor de regie van Milo Rau. Al het dwaas gedonder in de kranten was absoluut overbodig: geen schandalen maar oprechte mooie mensen, kinderen en volwassenen, allemaal samen met hun warm publiek.
    Meer moet dat niet zijn.