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Frank Focketyn, born 1960, graduated from the Conservatory of Antwerp in 1986. At the invitation of Dora Van der Groen and Luk Perceval, he has been teaching first-year drama students one trimester a year since 1991.

Focketyn met director Jan Eelen in 1996, who made him famous through television programmes such as "Vaneigens", "In de Gloria" and "De Ronde" ("The Tour"). He can also be seen on "Booh", "Clan", "Chaussée d'amour" ("Highway of Love"), "Tytgat Chocolat" and "Kafka", and is regularly a jury member on "De slimste mens ter wereld" ("The smartest person in the world"). Frank was in films such as "Any Way the Wind Blows", "Man van Staal" ("Man of Steel"), "A Dirty Mind", "Los", "De duistere diamant" ("The dark diamond"), "Firmin", "het varken van Madonna" ("Madonna’s pig"), the animated film "ZOOks" and in Novastar's video clip "Never Back Down" and Blow's "Joker".

With audiobook producer het Geluidshuis, he can be heard on  "De wilde zwanen" ("The Wild Swans") and "Het derde huwelijk" ("The Third Marriage"). In "Finding Nemo" he gives a voice to the moon fish, in "Sprookjesboom de Film" ("Fairy Tale Tree - The Film") he performs the Giant and in "Beestenbos is boos" ("Animal forest is angry"), the weasel.

He started his theatre career with Het Gezelschap van de Witte Kraai, performed with BMCie, Internationale Nieuwe Scène, pupper theatre FroeFroe, Het Zuidelijk Toneel and KVS. At Cie de Koe he debuted as a director in "De slag van Glottis" ("The Battle of Glottis"). Frank also performed at Het Paleis/De Tijd, Bronks and at het Toneelhuis. In 2005 he made his debut at NTGent with "Het leven een droom" ("Life is a dream") by Pedro Calderón de la Barca. He was  in "Tien geboden" ("Ten Commandments"), "Instinct", "Fort Europa" ("Fortress Europe"), "God van de slachting" ("God of massacre"), "A lolita", "AUGUSTUS ergens op de vlakte" ("AUGUSTUS somewhere on the plain"), "Revue Ravage" ("Ravage Review"), "Dit zijn de namen" ("These are the names"), "JR"....
His monologue "Brief aan mijn rechter" ("Letter to my Judge") has been on the repertoire since 2009, which he performs in both Dutch and French.

In the 2018-2019 season, Frank Focketyn can be seen in "JR", a coproduction by FC Bergman with NTGent, KVS, TH/Olympique Dramatique. At NTGent he participates in two new productions: "Lam Gods" ("The Ghent Altarpiece") directed by Milo Rau, and "Black" by Luk Perceval.

- update May 2018

Frank Focketyn