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'Film School in Mosul' selected for Film Fest Gent!

| 21 September 2022
Seven short films created by students from the Iraqi city of Mosul are among the official selection of the 49th Film Fest Ghent.

The films are the result of the first phase of the project A Film School in Mosul, set up by the Institute of Fine Arts in Mosul and the Belgian city theatre NTGent with the support of UNESCO. The project is a part of the Revive the Spirit of Mosul programme funded by the European Union.

As a first step, in August 2021, a Belgian-Iraqi team of film teachers launched a training course for 20 students, boys and girls from Mosul. In five stages, they learned to write a script, handle a camera, direct, edit the footage and present the result: nine short films, of which seven will be shown in cinema for the first time on 16 October, as part of the official selection of the 49th Film Fest Gent. On the 19th of November, the short films will also be shown during the Arab Film Festival in Zürich, Switzerland