Program 'ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL' now online

| 14 February 2024
All 32 remaining Greek tragedies performed during one city festival. Not an April fool, but the 'ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL': the highlight of NTGent's spring season.

Booking tickets is not necessary because ALL GREEKS, from 1 May to 23 June, is completely free. A gift from NTGent and its many partners to the city and cultural lovers from Ghent and (far) beyond!

ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL  shows all 32 remaining Greek tragedies in numerous forms, from small-scale interventions or installations in collaboration with Gentenaars to fully-fledged performances by renowned directors and collectives. Collaborators include Milo Rau, Tiago Rodrigues, Kris Verdonck, tg Stan & Olympique Dramatique / Toneelhuis, de Roovers, VOETVOLK and BERLIN!

All events take place in the public space, outdoors and often at dawn, just as the ancient Greeks did. Spectators are free to come and go as they please. Spring sun or cloudburst: we will go on, under the Ghent motto: nie neute, nie pleuje.

ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL  lasts for eight weeks and takes place in eight different districts of Ghent. 32 tragedies, good for 32 performances and an unmissable collective ritual as dessert.

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