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Immerse yourself at dawn in the enchanting world of Greek tragedy during 'ALL GREEKS', the unmissable city festival full of cultural fireworks.


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Imagine: you are walking through the waking streets of Ghent early in the morning. Suddenly, in a forlorn spot, a colourful choir appears and cheerfully sings to you. It sings about how humans are both wonderful and violent, about pushing boundaries and our finitude. You close your eyes and listen intently. The choir leader comes up to you and offers you a cup of coffee and a piece of baklava.

This is the beginning of ALL GREEKS, the city festival by NTGent and many partners. Every festival day, a brand new Greek tragedy is born at dawn in the open air, as a recurring ritual for and by the city. Various groups from Ghent and beyond will focus on specific tragedies, from various artistic and social perspectives. All 32 remaining tragedies will be shown in 4 districts of Ghent in May and June 2024.

ALL GREEKS offers an inclusive, super-diverse, and utopian public space in which we hold up a mirror to the city and society. Classic stories are interwoven with today's diverse Ghent. The contradictions from Greek tragedy still resonate, such as reason and intoxication, own and foreign, democracy and autocracy. The tragedies challenge participants to invent hopeful stories for today, new myths that reach beyond tragedy. Together, we build a different, post-capitalist future.


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