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ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL NTGent & many partners

ALL GREEKS FESTIVAL_promobeeld Sarah Yu Zeebroek
Immerse yourself at dawn in the enchanting world of Greek tragedy during 'ALL GREEKS', the unmissable city festival full of cultural fireworks.


For free (registration not needed).

🏺 A groundbreaking festival that features all 32 remaining Greek tragedies, re-interpreted in numerous forms, from small scale interventions or installations in close collaboration with the people of Ghent to full-blown performances by acclaimed directors and collectives.

🏺 A completely free festival. All performances take place in the public space, often at dawn, exactly like in ancient times. The public is free to come and go as they please.

🏺 All performances take place outdoors. Spring sun or cloudburst: we will continue, under the Ghent motto nie neute, nie pleuje (don't complain, don't give in).

🏺 A recurring ritual for and by the city. Every festival day, a brand new Greek tragedy is born. Various groups from Ghent and beyond get carte blanche and focus on specific tragedies from various artistic and social perspectives.

🏺 An 8-week city festival taking place in 8 different districts of Ghent. 32 tragedies equal 32 performances with an unmissable collective ritual as dessert.

🏺 An inclusive, super-diverse, and utopian public space in which we hold up a mirror to the city and society. Classic stories are interwoven with today's diverse Ghent. Together, we build a different, post-capitalist future.

🏺 A unique event that brings together the people of Ghent with an impressive list of collaborators including - among others - Milo Rau, Tiago Rodrigues, Kris Verdonck, tg Stan & Olympique Dramatique / Toneelhuis, de Roovers, VOETVOLK and BERLIN!

Only humans can fantasise With closed eyes, you can see whomever you’d like Until it holds from the inside Beyond madness, tenderness awaits There's all that future, still