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Heritage of the Future #3: Europe – What is to be done?


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How to save the planet and the climate? How to create a better and more just society? Burning questions for our future, discussed by local and international experts.

Political author Fabian Scheidler will present his ground-breaking book “The End of the Megamachine”, analysing and criticizing the essential problems of capitalism. Climate activist and moral philosopher Natalie Eggermont and Matthias Lievens, specialist in political philosophy and author e.g. of “The Limits of the Green Economy” will react and give their input. The presentations will be followed by an open and interactive debate. What can we do to overcome a neoliberal and egotist world order that is destroying the planet and making the social difference unbearably great and few people so rich that it is not only obscene, but a real threat to democracy? What is to be done, how can we stop the megamachine?

With Natalie Eggermont, Matthias Lievens, Fabian Scheidler.

Read further on www.megamaschine.org/en

"The topic could not be more important. A very valuable and surely timely contribution. I am very sympathetic with the approach.“
Noam Chomsky - Prof. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
„An eye-opener for social activists. (…) A history of western civilization of only 250 pages.“
Wolfgang Sachs about “The End of the Megamachine” - Wuppertal Institute / Club of Rome


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Tuesday 2 April 2019
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