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| 7 September 2023
As always, combining the local ánd the global, NTGent tours five own productions throughout Europa this fall.

Back home in Ghent, NTGent, is fully preparing its new and glorious 23-24 season, alias the Greek Season, presenting brand new work by some of the greatest names in the European theatre scene such as Tim EtchellsMilo RauOntroerend  Goed and Gisèle Vienne, and ending with a unique city festival ALL GREEKS showcasing all of the Greek tragedies.

But as always combining the local ánd the global, NTGent also tours five productions throughout Europa this fall, from France and the UK over Italy, Portugal, Poland and many other countries.

Find out here when and where you can join!

🌎  Antigone in the Amazon is the newest play by Milo Rau, house artist at NTGent, which had its world premiere at NTGent in May. The show makes a tour of European capitals this fall, with performances in Paris (4 shows), Rome, Lisboa and Madrid, among other major European cities.

🌎 ONE SONG - Histoire du Théâtre IV by Miet Warlop / NTGent & Irene Wool was the revelation of the Festival d'Avignon in 2022. In September and October, the show will be seen no less than 12 times at Théâtre du Rond Point in Paris. The impressive tour of ONE SONG this fall also includes performances in New York, Finland, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and the UK.

🌎 After many year of touring, the new classic Family by Milo Rau, still makes audiences all over Europe shiver. On the 24th and 25th of November, Family is shown in Girona, Italy.

🌎 Two shows created by the Young Gods of NTGent, young promising artists that are closely linked to the Belgian city theatre, also have a couple of play dates abroad in the coming months: Gruis / Aan de Twijfel by Jesse Vandamme & Werktoneel and Great Apes of the West Coast by Princess Isatu Hassan Bangura. Needless to say NTGent is super proud that these young artists get the chance to shine abroad!