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Seven NTGent performances tour through Europe this spring

| 22 February 2023
This spring, no less than seven shows produced by NTGent are touring Europe. On the schedule: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Spain.
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🌍 KillJoy Quiz , a creation by Luanda Casella, premiered in the 21-22 season and will be resumed in 22-23 due to the major success. This spring they will go to Lyon (FR) and Pointose (FR). Casella & co. will also cross the border to Berlin (GER) in the autumn. In Killjoy Quiz  participants answer questions. Points are handed out. But what is the meaning of winning a quiz? One might know things about the world, but not necessarily understand the complexities behind the facts one knows.

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🌍 After its premiere at Festival d'Avignon in the summer of 2022 ONE SONG - Histoire(s) du théâtre  returns once more to France, specifically Dijon (FR). Their triumphant march ends in Barcelona (ES) (for now). ONE SONG - Histoire(s) du Théâtre IV  is set in the unique universe of Miet Warlop. A group of performers enters the arena for a mesmerizing ritual about farewell, life and death, hope and resurrection.

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🌍 The Interrogation  also continues their tour. The monologue written by French author Édouard Louis and Milo Rau already passed through Amsterdam, Paris, Ghent and Zagreb. With the performance, they present now a very personal text about doubting and failing. In March, actor Arne de Tremerie & co. are making a stop in Lille (FR).

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🌍 After their passage in Paris, the Milo Rau-directed show, Family  will be seen in Baden (GER). This is the last stop of their tour (for now). In Family, the first part of Milo Rau's Trilogy of Private Life, we see a real family on stage: actors An Miller and Filip Peeters with their two teenage daughters Leonce and Louisa. Together they reconstruct the mysterious case of the family Demeester, who collectively hanged themselves in 2007. Never a motive was found, the suicide note stated: "We messed up, sorry." The performance has been touring for three years now. Recently, the film version can also be seen on Streamz.

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🌍 The dissidents of NTGent will turn everything upside down once more in Amsterdam (NL). Five young people with a reputation at school for being ‘troublemakers’ educate the audience. Dissident  premiered last season and is restaged in the 22-23 season because of its big success.

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🌍 Four strange beings from another time, enter an abandoned world. With childlike curiosity they explore it, begin to feel it, to revive it. What was the purpose of this (theatre) space? What role did the human play in it? And last but not least: is there a way out? Maison Maeterlinck / Theather Immobiel  will make its international debut in Hannover (GER) on the 11th of May. In his first Belgian production, the Swiss theatre artist Thom Luz deals with the forgotten son of the city of Ghent, the mystical symbolist and playwright Maurice Maeterlinck.

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🌍 The new high-profile production Antigone in the Amazon  by artistic director Milo Rau, will have its world premiere at NTGent on the 13th of May. This will be followed by a big international tour with Amsterdam (NL) in May. In June, cast & crew will travel further to Vienna (EAST), Frankfurt (DUI), Douai/Arras (FR) and Rotterdam (NL). For Antigone in the Amazon, Milo Rau and his team traveled to the Brazilian state of Pará, where the forests burn due to the expanding soy monocultures and where nature gets devoured by capitalism.

With closed eyes, you can see whomever you’d like Beyond madness, tenderness awaits There's all that future, still Only humans can fantasise Until it holds from the inside